Comic Book Shelf

My boyfriend David almost always has his nose in a book. Any genre will do but his latest favorite? Comic books. The book lover in me is so very happy that he’s reading but the organization freak is going nuts over these tiny little books. They are everywhere! They are scattered about the house, stacked in precarious towers on shelves, strewn all over our coffee table, and shoved into nooks and crannies. He’s subscribed to four different books meaning new ones are always joining our book library. So in an effort to save my sanity from comic books I decided to get creative and build David the perfect comic book storage shelf!


With multi-tasking always on my mind I decided this shelf would do double duty as a side table that could fit nicely by our couch in addition to housing our remotes, computer cords, and iHome. All requirements in mind I grabbed a tape measure and measured my space. Then I grabbed a pencil and paper and began furiously drawing and erasing until I was happy with my final result. I knew exactly what I wanted the shelf to look like so I only spent an hour measuring, drawing the plans, and planning my wood shopping list.


For this project, I picked pine wood because it’s the cheapest choice. I knew that I would achieve my desired look with my wood stain so buying the fanciest wood wasn’t necessary. Speaking of stain, I chose Dark Walnut by Minwax. I chose the dark stain to contrast the mahogany stain on my coffee table and entertainment center.


As for my shopping list, I bought 2-1x8x8’s, 2-1x4x8’s, and 1-1x10x8. My cut list was simple, from my 1x8x8 I cut 2 at 18 inches (bottom), 4 at 17 inches (sides), and 2 at 16.5 inches (middle shelf). From my 1x4x8, I cut 6 at 12 inches. Finally, I cut my 1x10x8 in two 22 inch pieces for the top. Since, in my tiny house, I don’t have a dedicated work bench, I used two extra chairs and wood clamps to cut all my pieces in my backyard.

DSCF0484 DSCF0490

Once all my pieces were cut, I marked each board, sanded everything down, and lined up all my boards to stain.

DSCF0491 DSCF0516

Sixteen boards later, I was finished staining and needed to break for fresh air.

DSCF0519After drying for a couple of days it was finally time for my favorite part — the big build! I was particularly excited because I was dying to try my new tool — the Kreg Jig Mini. With the Kreg Jig, I was able to drill pocket holes to attach my 1×8’s together to create 8-1×16’s and 1-1×20.

DSCF0542 DSCF0538In my excitement to build, I only took one picture of the process but this was a very easy build. Using my clamps, I set up the outer frame, added all my shelves, then drilled on the top. Finally, to complete my shelf I added casters.


Once I was done building, I slid the shelf into place, added my books, and stepped back to smile and admire my work.


I couldn’t be happier! The best part? It was exactly what I had imagined! The shelves are the perfect size for David’s comics, the small top shelf is a great charging station for our computers, and the spacious top is a great spot to house my iHome and my fun book rack (details on this new addition to be shared soon!).


DSCF0604 DSCF0608The even better part? It’s David approved!



This project only cost me $40 for wood and the casters. I already owned the Kreg Jig Mini, Minwax Dark Walnut Stain, sand paper, and screws.

For full project plans and more details, shoot me an e-mail.


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