DIY Lamp Re-Haul

It’s happened again, my restlessness to leave things be has encouraged me to re-haul another one of my past projects. Specifically, my DIY Mosaic Lamp. After its makeover last year I wasn’t very convinced that using resin was the best option for the lamp. However, I decided to live with it for a while before deciding to completely ditch the new design. Well, I lived with it for about 6 months, moved it from room to room (it even lived in the basement for a bit), and now, a year and a half later, I decided it was finally time to fix it.

DSCF1971 Read on to see how I completely re-hauled my old DIY project. My main reason for re-doing this project is because the resin was a sticky surface that attracted dust, pet fur, and more. The dustier it got, the harder it became to clean. Being a clean freak, I knew this un-cleanable project had to be redone or removed from my house! So it went from white….

IMG_8740 to turquoise! The re-imagining of this project began in my office (which also received a bit of a re-haul recently). Since my house is so small, I decided to transform my home’s palette to flow better between rooms. My bedroom, bathroom, office, and kitchen all feature the similar palette of red, turquoise, yellow, and blue. Since I wanted the lamp to sport a cool color, I chose a beautiful turquoise to help the lamp’s frame boast a pop of color.


I picked up this Valspar test pot for free with a coupon from my Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I love how it accentuates the lamps simple design while drawing the eye toward the new gorgeous hexagonal tile that would eventually adorn the middle shelf. As usual Japhy was very approving of the new design or he has an itch. Either way I ‘m sure he’s loving the new look.


Originally I wanted to use penny tile but worried that would be too many circular accents. When I spotted this beautiful hexagonal marble tile, I knew I’d found the perfect embellishment for the lamp. I tend to love tiling furniture as evidenced here and here and here. For a full rundown of instructions, refer to my DIY Tiled Serving Tray project. Here’s the basic steps: 1. Spread grout; 2. Place tile; 3. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours; 4. Grout between tiles; 5. Using a sponge, remove excess grout; 6. Clean haze from tile; 7. Apply grout sealer; 8. Enjoy your beautiful project!

DSCF1868 DSCF1879 DSCF1886 DSCF1888

After cleaning my grout I only had one thing to add: a lampshade! I happened on the perfect one by accident. While at my mom’s house dropping off old clothes for her to donate I spotted this beautiful gem in her donation closet. She was more than happy to give it to me and it completes my project perfectly!! Thanks mom!

DSCF1967 I know, I know, I say this every time but…. I love it!!! To my delight, this project rang in at only $9! The paint was free, I had all the grout supplies in my tool closet, and the lampshade was free. I only paid $9 one square foot of the tile at Home Depot.

DSCF1976 DSCF1975 DSCF1970 I could not be happier with how it turned out. I just wish I would have thought of this design the first time around. Not only is it the exact look that I wanted, it fits perfectly in almost every room of the house because of my streamlined color palette. But it fits best in my newly re-decorated office. Speaking of my re-decorated office…

DSCF1953 I spent $18 to buy the plain jane shelves on the right and $16 on 3 new fabrics to re-cover my bulletin board, chair, and 2 pillows. All others items migrated from other spots in the house. A bit of organization and the rest is history!

DSCF1955 DSCF1957 DSCF1959 To see how far this room has come, look back at this post. See you next time Down Shannon Lane!


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