About Me

Hi I’m Shannon!


I am an OCD clean, craft loving dork who is passionate about design, architecture, DIY projects, journalism, reading, hiking, dancing, cooking, my family, my boyfriend AND (last but not least) my tiny dog, Japhy, and our kitten, Butters.


I’m in my mid-20’s and trying to figure out life as an adult including bills, credit cards, renting, and planning for the future. In the meantime, between 40+ hour work weeks, cleaning the house, exercising, and caring for David, Japhy, and Butters, I am squeezing in DIY projects to complete my hand-me-down furnished house piece by piece.


With encouragement from my baseball obsessed college sweetheart of eight years, David who pens TheCutoffMan, I am braving the blog world with my thoughts and ideas.


I’m armed with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, an obsession with simple solutions to everyday problems, and a boatload of ideas to keep me entertained. Organization and cleanliness are my ultimate pet peeves (yeah, I’m that dork). Crafting, cooking, reading, hiking, and Netflix are my ultimate guilty pleasures.


Read this blog and you’ll find DIY projects, style ideas, organization ideas, thoughts on life, beautiful photos, decorating ideas, and anything else in between! Stay tuned because my story is just beginning to unfold.



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