How to Train an Indoor/Outdoor Cat

Nine months ago a tiny kitten wandered into my yard and climbed into my lap.

Screen shot 2012-05-16 at 2.20.32 PMShe was small, malnourished, scared, tired, and in search of a home. So we took her in, fed her, gave her a litter box, and loved her. I immediately knew that I wanted her to be an indoor/outdoor cat but I wanted to wait until she was older and spayed (I definitely didn’t need more kittens!). So we decided to take it slow.

Screen shot 2012-05-25 at 6.46.35 PM

Here is how we have trained her over the last nine months…

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Flea Free Since….

After 8 days of annoyance, I am happy to FINALLY announce that we are flea free!!!!

Okay, she doesn’t look that happy but trust me, she is. Japhy managed to terminate all his fleas last week but Butters had quite a few issues. Lots of baths and cuddle sessions have allowed this house to enter flea free status!

So I apologize for the short hiatus, I started a new job this week and it’s playoff season so that’s means round the clock Yankees baseball in our household! Regular posting will resume next week.


We have fleas! I never thought that I would hate PT Flea from “A Bug’s Life” this much. It isn’t the best Pixar movie but now it’s definitely my least favorite.

The other night I noticed tiny black specks and a couple of bugs on Japhy. David looked up “flea problem” online but found fairly little help on the subject. So I decided to write a short post about how we handled our pest problem. Luckily I had a small flea comb to confirm my flea sighting on Japhy and Butters. So I rushed to the store at 10pm to buy some necessities. On my list was flea bath, flea collars, and flea spray for my house.

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“Taking Care” of House Plants

I love, love, love having plants around the house. They brighten up the shelves, improve air quality, and they offer health and wellness benefits. During the move we lost a couple of our house plants so when decorating this week I grabbed some new plants to distribute around the house. My favorites? Succulents!

Want to see what I did with these? Read on!

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“Healthy Eating” Day 3

Hi folks! Sorry for the break in healthy eating. Work, moving, and life in general have been crazy as of late on my end. Don’t worry though the challenge has continued! For day 3 we decided to go slightly unhealthy with our vegetable and made fried cauliflower!

Want to make your own?

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“Healthy Eating” Day 2

After the veggie sandwiches yesterday, I couldn’t wait to come up with something yummy for lunch today. There was one thing that I knew would be on the menu, okra!

When I was little I loved eating dinner at my grandma’s house. She lives about a mile down the road from my parents so I basically requested to eat there everyday. To this day she still makes almost all of my favorite foods: cheese grits, ham loaf, broccoli, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, fried okra, and so much more. Her veggies always taste better than Mom’s who were steamed in the microwave. When I started learning how to cook I realized her veggies are better because of one major ingredient, butter. Not the healthiest ingredient but it does make almost everything taste pretty good. Plus she’s been cooking with it for almost 90 years and she and my grandpa are very healthy. However in the interest of preparing my meals in a nutritious way I have been seeking healthier ways to prepare food. So instead of fried okra I settled on trying roasted okra!

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“Healthy Eating” Day 1

I just love this time of year when all the fruit and vegetables are fresh. There are vendors scattered about town selling food fresh from the vine. There are so many fresh choices at the grocery store because frozen veggies can be good but they are definitely not the same. I live in a rural area so a drive down the road presents fields full of yummy fruits and vegetables. My fridge is simply filled to the brim with yummy stuff.

All of this veggie goodness has convinced the boyfriend to take the plunge most men dread, to tell you the truth he’s actually probably dreading it, a week of meals with no meat! Now I am by no means a vegetarian but until moving in with David I only consumed meat at a couple of my meals a week. So for me it is definitely not a meal breaker if meat isn’t included and I am very excited about crafting up some delicious meals for him to try. At the store I bought several “David Approved” veggies: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, okra, zucchini, avocado, grapes, lettuce, peppers, corn…. It is going to be an exciting week!

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Taking Care of “House Hunting”

I am OBSESSED with making lists, as evidenced here and here. So the last couple of weeks as I was house hunting my house became littered with lists upon lists.  This will be my sixth move in six years so I have learned all about searching for a nice place, important questions to ask a property manager, things to look for in a lease, etc. May I add that I have been house hunting in a city nearly 10 times the size of my home for the last 6 years. Did I also mention that town is about 300 miles away! Organization was key for the search since I didn’t have the luxury of scouting out a location and seeing houses quickly. So I compiled a list to help remember my requirements, specs, preferences, etc. It was soooooo helpful to be easily reminded of what I was looking for. Here is my advice from the experience:

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9 Keys to Job Searching

It has been a long week of burying myself in a huge pile of applications. The bad job market is not just a topic for the news, it’s my reality. I’m convinced that there are too many “right brain” creative people in this world because those jobs are impossible to find whereas “left brain” scientific jobs are plentiful. If only I understood biology!

On top of the job hunt I am also solving the, “Where am I going to live?” crisis. “The world is your oyster” saying has taken on a whole new meaning. I envy those who have been able to find a full-time salary job, that they’re actually interested in, straight out of school. Then from that, they get to live in a super cool place. I’m still living in my college town and its job market is definitely not cutting it. So, to reiterate, “The world is my oyster.” Well, at least, the continental United States. I couldn’t imagine searching for a house and job worldwide.

Luckily, I’ve had two little buddies to aid in my job search frustration by providing an adorable distraction.

Back to the point….. Finding a good job with a decent salary in a cool place with a perfect house is just not playing out for me yet. Journalism is not an easy career path right now. So I have had to deviate a little a lot from my desired jobs. Journalism turns into event planning which gets me thinking about public relations which reminds me of being a communication director and that leads me to consider human resources or a secretary which slowly turns into, “Hey, I guess I could work at a grocery store. That could maybe lead to what I want to do….” So in the interest of not working at a grocery store for the rest of my life I have compiled some tips for job hunting….

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“Taking Care” of the Animals

In our house, if the animals are happy so are we! So for this week’s edition of “Taking Care,” we’re talking about my pets!

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