Cross Stitched State of Missouri

I have spent my entire life living in one state — Missouri. Nineteen years on one side and six years on the other. I dream about living all over this planet but Missouri will always be my home. So when I was choosing a subject for my most recent art project, I couldn’t help but choose my home state.


Keep reading to see how I created my new favorite piece of art!

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IMG_8528It’s a simple phrase that’s very important to me. Since graduating from college and moving in with David 2.5 years ago, I realized that home can be defined in many ways. In most ways my home is this tiny white house that I share with David and our pets. It’s also my hometown of Springfield, MO, which also happens to be my current city, it’s my parent’s house where most of my precious memories still reside, it’s my childhood where I made my first steps. But to me, the true feeling of home exists within the company of friends and family.

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2013 Printable Wall Calendar


A new year means a new calendar! I never find a themed calendar that I enjoy so I typically don’t have one in my house. But I think being aware of each day’s date is important so for the first time I decided to design my own calendar!

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A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

Phase one of my office update started with white paint. As I illustrated below, my redecorated office features bright colors with a white background or as an accent. So with my ideas in mind and my white paint purchased, I set out on DIY extravaganza that’s going to have a huge impact on my room design. Now what is getting a white makeover? A lamp, six frames, two candlesticks, and a desk chair. So with all the stuff I needed I began to get started and my mood board vision came to life.


Read on to see all of the projects that I completed for on a $15 budget.

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Happiness Has Arrived – MyPublisher Photo Book

When I was in high school, I had a weekend job scrapbooking for a family friend. She bought all the pretty, fancy supplies so we could remake her three kids childhood scrapbooks. So I spent my summers matching colors, learn how to design and lay things out with my hands, and learning life lessons. What seemed like a small job finally stifled after almost 70 books and a couple of summers. Scrapbooking is fun but it takes a looooonnnggg time. I haven’t finished a personal scrapbook since junior high school ten years ago. And I have taken thousands of pictures since then so recently, I decided to find an affordable, pretty way to print my pictures. Through one of my favorite blogs, Under The Sycamore, I discovered MyPublisher. I designed my book. And now… my it’s here!

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DIY Magazine Ad Art

I have always been creative. My favorite class in school was always art. I loved creating something beautiful …. beautiful for an elementary school art project. I still love creating and my favorite projects are the ones that are simple and cost-effective, aka free! When I was in Junior High I loved making collages with cut up magazines. In fact, I still have an old picture frame that I mod podged with fun magazine clippings. So when I was flipping through my most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and came across an adorably designed advertisement, I had an idea!

1. I cut the ad to size ….

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A few months ago my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000 and I have FINALLY developed some of the film. He gave it to me with black and white film already loaded so I started practicing hoping that the film was still good. Unfortunately, the film came back blank. Luckily I took photos alongside with my digital camera as I have been attempting to master the old camera. However I was surprised with a lovely set of photos from my trip to the cabin.


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