Exploring at the Park

Your life is defined by a series of moments. Many of them are seemingly mundane. Sitting at your desk at work, driving your car, watching commercials… But the others. The others are amazing. Gazing at a flowing waterfall, climbing to the top of the hill to overlook a beautiful pond, watching majestic geese glide along the pond, the good feeling that comes from the smile of a dog….

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The Best Day Ever – Memoirs from a Puppy

8-9 am – Wake up.┬áBiding my time before waking up David.

9:00 am – Jump on top of David’s head. It is time to go!

9:15 am – Is it breakfast time yet?

10 am – Nap until everyone’s up and ready to go. I can’t wait to go outside. I hope they take me outside. I want to run and run and run forever.

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