Roadtrip to the Crown of the Continent – Part 1

America’s best idea is indeed the national park. Vast spaces preserving mother nature’s beauty, each is unique and beautiful. I’ve only had the opportunity to visit 10 of 58 thus far but I managed to conquer 3 just last week: Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier.

David and I set off toward our final destination, Glacier, from Denver last week in a bright red rented Toyota Yaris. First stop was O’Dell Brewery in Fort Collins for a beer to cool us off from the afternoon heat.



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Black & Whites

Recently developed photos from my Pentax K1000. I love the beauty and simplicity of black and white.

IMG_0000 IMG_0002

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DIY Chalkboard Pitcher & Summer Brew

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days that is going extremely well and falls apart fast. I was having fun working, getting things done, then in 5 minutes it was ruined. Well not completely ruined but there was a significant bump in the day. So after the long day I came home to relax and have a nice, cooling summer drink: Summer Brew!

Want to learn how to make this delicious drink and the beautiful pitcher that it is in?

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