St. Petersburg, Florida

My first adult vacation. So desperately needed and so wonderfully enjoyed.


Last year my best friend of nearly 20 years moved from our hometown in southern Missouri to a place so wonderfully different: Florida. The sweet beachside town of St. Petersburg to be exact. Located on a peninsula connected to Tampa Bay, the 244,769 population city is home to the Tampa Bay Rays, many beautiful beaches, fabulous culture, excellent museums, and much more. With 361 sunny days every year, I can see why my winter-hating friend made the 1,108 mile move. It also helps that a vast majority of the population is largely 25 to age 40 meaning a great shopping district, fantastic restaurants and bars, and a plethora of activities for young folks.

While we were in town for a short two and a half days, we watched the Tampa Bay Rays beat the New York Yankees 16-1, spent two cloudy but nonetheless enjoyable days at the beach, walked the pier countless times, gorged on amazing food and beers, but most importantly, we had a beyond amazing time visiting my best friend. It was a blast! I’m already planning my next trip down!

As per usual, I took way too many pictures. Enjoy! I hope they force you to begin planning your next vacation to the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State.


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September 29, 2012

Just capped off a fantastic wedding weekend for 2 of my close friends. I am exhausted but it was all worth it. Here’s a few pictures from the weekend. I took nearly 200 photos. More to come when I’ve had time to sleep.

There are Many Kinds of Ships But the Best Ship of all is Friendship

I love when the culmination of months of excitement turns into the perfect day with your best friends. In other words, I attended an awesome bachelorette party over the weekend!

This wedding has been a long time coming, I cannot wait to see the bachelorette marry her best friend of 12 years next month! The lovely woman with the crown on is one of my best friend’s from college, Leah. Her fiancée was my boyfriend’s fraternity big brother, so she and the maid of honor have always been big sisters to me and I am so happy to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

Read on to see where we journeyed!

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Busy Busy Busy

I am so so so sorry for the lack of posts last week. I had so many awesome things planned, I had pictures taken, but I had small amounts of computer time…. Our internet is slow slow slow…… So, when I have a teeny amount of time to write using the computer my fellow blogger boyfriend and I share, of course the internet goes haywire. Instead of worrying about it I jumped into all kinds of other activities…..

1. Running

2. Spending time outside

3. Visiting my favorite place in the world (my family cabin)

4. Grilling delicious food

5. Most importantly, spending time with friends

Check back for the full stories throughout the week!

The Importance of Communication

Getting mail is basically the best thing ever unless it’s junk that is. But when it’s from your best friend it’s awesome! (Well I guess my puppy got mail, not me.)

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