Comic Book Shelf

My boyfriend David almost always has his nose in a book. Any genre will do but his latest favorite? Comic books. The book lover in me is so very happy that he’s reading but the organization freak is going nuts over these tiny little books. They are everywhere! They are scattered about the house, stacked in precarious towers on shelves, strewn all over our coffee table, and shoved into nooks and crannies. He’s subscribed to four different books meaning new ones are always joining our book library. So in an effort to save my sanity from comic books I decided to get creative and build David the perfect comic book storage shelf!


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Summer Bliss

Last weekend we packed up the car and headed toward my favorite place in the world thus far, my family river cabin. There is no internet, no phone reception, no traffic, no neighbors, and, especially, no worries. In place of all these annoying everyday distractions is quality time with friends, delicious food making, time to relax and read a book, compelling conversations, and, most importantly, wonderful memories in the making.

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Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

Earlier this year I decided to spoil myself with a new toy. I am definitely not fueled by electronics but I’m very fascinated with them so I looked at the new iPods, new cameras, and more but I was mostly interested in an e-reader. I wasn’t quite so sure about e-readers because I love holding a book in my hands and I’m an obsessive book buyer but I decided to try it out.

Well after owning one for 3 months I can definitely say that I love it! I am one of those people that always carries one (or four) books with me everywhere. And let me tell you how many times it has come in handy when I have been stuck at a doctor’s office or had downtime at work or simply extra time to kill. Now I can easily carry several books around!

I am obsessed to no end with keeping my electronics in good shape too. (My computer has one scratch on top that drives me bonkers.) So right after I bought my Kindle I had to find a good case. I wanted one with character so I turned to Etsy and found this cover that I love.

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My “New” Cameras

Hello all!

I visited my family this past weekend and borrowed my Dad’s old cameras. He was/is a great photographer. I remember him being behind this camera all the time when I was a little kid.

I am really interested in photography but don’t know all about it yet. Last weekend he taught me all about aperture, focus, lighting, shutter speed, ISO…..

I need a good photography book. I know that I could probably look it all up online but I’d rather thumb through a book. I love books.

The big guy on the right is a Kiev 88 made in Ukraine. I am definitely not ready to brave him yet.

The Pentax K1000 is calling my name though. I’m off to learn more!

Fresh Air

Earlier in the week I went on an amazing road trip to Columbia, MO with the boys I take care of and my co-worker/partner in crime. It’s amazing how exciting it is visit a big town.

Living in a town with a population of 15,000 makes a trip to anywhere an exciting journey. We hit the mall to visit some bigger stores than Wal-Mart. It is absolutely ridiculous how wonderful Target is when you live 90 miles from it.

Next we hit Rock Bridge State Park.

This park is so much fun. It’s a 0.5 mile boardwalk through the woods overlooking caves.

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