Stroer Wedding

I had the honor of being in the wedding for 2 of my college friends last weekend and it was a blast! I met the couple in college when my boyfriend joined the groom’s fraternity. The groom was his “big brother” and the bride soon became my “big sister.” They have been together for 12 years so family, friends, and the couple have been waiting for this day for a long time. Celebrating the union of these two was awesome. I can’t imagine 2 people more meant for each other.

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DIY Wedding Day Meltdown Kit

When I was planning my gifts for the wedding that I was in last weekend, I decided that it would be important to put together an emergency wedding kit for the Bride. The Maid of Honor and I had already decided to write her letters of love and encouragement for her to read the morning of the wedding. But what if we needed bobby pins, tissues, aspirin, nail clippers, etc throughout the day?! So I put together a fun “Meltdown Kit” to make it through the day without any stress.

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There are Many Kinds of Ships But the Best Ship of all is Friendship

I love when the culmination of months of excitement turns into the perfect day with your best friends. In other words, I attended an awesome bachelorette party over the weekend!

This wedding has been a long time coming, I cannot wait to see the bachelorette marry her best friend of 12 years next month! The lovely woman with the crown on is one of my best friend’s from college, Leah. Her fiancée was my boyfriend’s fraternity big brother, so she and the maid of honor have always been big sisters to me and I am so happy to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

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