DIY Compost Bin

I love almost everything about our new house. It has more charm than the last house. I like the layout more. I love the hardwood floors. The yard is fantastic. But I miss having a garage, a dishwasher, and, oddly the most important, a garbage disposal. I make a lot of meals with vegetables meaning there’s always scraps. So I used to throw things in the field behind our old house or put it down the garbage disposal. Well, simply throwing the old food in our backyard is not an option unless I want to attract lots of animals. So I needed a new plan. I recently pulled all the weeds in the front of my house and I’m going to plant some bulbs soon. Well I would love to have some nutrient-rich soil, made for free in my own backyard to use in my garden. So I decided to make a compost bin!

Want to see how I made my compost bin?

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