Greek Key Pattern Roman Shade

Early last year I finally solved one of the biggest issues with our tiny rental bungalow: privacy. Our house has one huge 5×5 bay window in the living room that we absolutely love. It lets in wonderful light and offers the perfect spot for our pets to lounge but the mini blinds and roller blinds that came with the house left something to be desired. One custom roman shade later and the problem was solved! Or so I thought….


Although my roman shade was functional, it was still an eye sore. Barely an upgrade from my stained roller blinds and mini blinds. The canvas drop cloth was wrinkly and just plain boring. Still, I decided to live with it for a few months to choose the perfect embellishment. I really wanted to love the finished product. Well, almost a year later, I finally fancied up the shade and I could not be happier with the final product!




Keep reading to see how I added a Greek key pattern to my custom roman shade for only $4!

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DIY Painted Claw Foot Stool

Thanks to great family and friends, I am constantly on the receiving end of unwanted furniture. My newest addition? This adorable claw foot piano stool that was oozing with character but lacking in wow factor. Since I am always on the lookout to save money, I decided to spend $0 and one afternoon completing my makeover.


Read on to see how I completed this easy makeover without spending any moolah!

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A Dab of Paint Here…

With little extra money to spend on projects and updates around my tiny bungalow, I have been sitting on my hands for the past few months ignoring the creative thoughts in the back of my head. See, I am one of those people that is constantly surrounded with possible projects. Others, a.k.a. my boyfriend, may not notice these small projects but they’re all I can think about. So, to satiate this desire, I decided to complete a few simple projects using supplies I already have! Meaning I didn’t have to spend any money plus all three projects only took an hour to complete!


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Eclectic Gallery Wall

Perhaps one of my biggest foes in my sweet little rental house is one wall. One big, huge wall begging for some character and love.

IMG_9678It’s been empty for so long because I didn’t have the perfect art to hang there. Rather than hang an unwanted placeholder, I waited until I had a gallery wall just like those I’ve been drooling over on my Pinterest.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 7.17.56 PM Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 7.17.05 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 7.17.31 PM

Keep reading to how I used this inspiration to create something amazing in my own home!

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Optical Illusion — Flor Carpet Tiles

When I began my house search last summer, I had only a few requirements on my list — 2 bedrooms, a basement and/or garage, a fenced-in yard, and wood floors. As you know, I managed to find the cutest house that successfully answered every single requirement. Japhy and Butters adore our massive fenced-in yard, I love our second bedroom as my office, our huge basement is perfect for storage and winter projects, and the wood floors are beautiful and, most importantly, easy to clean. However, those hard wood floors that I love oh so much are not great on our feet. So, when a family friend recently gave my remnant Flor tiles from her home, I couldn’t wait to use them!


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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

I enjoy being busy but this time of year, as most of you personally know, is extra crazy. So, when last Friday rolled around and I had finished all my shopping, cleaned the house, dropped my Christmas cards in the mail, and wrapped all my presents I couldn’t believe it! Being one that cannot relax I decided to fill my time by making some fun ornaments to add to my gifts this year.


Do you want to learn how I made this adorable ornament?

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The conclusion of Thanksgiving means the beginning of Christmas, which is by far my favorite holiday to decorate for. I mean, if you don’t love Christmas decorations then you are crazy. Twinkling lights, a tall tree adorned with treasured ornaments, red and green (the best complimentary color combination in my opinion) everywhere, snowmen, and more. Per my household’s tradition, we pulled out all of our boxes of Christmas decorations appropriately after Thanksgiving, cooked up some delicious appetizers, invited our friends over, and spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating the house.

Want to see how everything turned out?

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When Inspiration Comes

Lately I have been hitting an idea wall. There are so many projects that I would love to work on but my indecisive brain is having issues in making a final decision. My biggest project? An office redo. My problem? Too many choices. My inspiration?

More on that later.

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Holiday Traditions

My favorite part about holidays is celebrating the traditions that surround them. Halloween is of course one of those holidays. I love Halloween because it cues the middle of Fall, it’s gorgeous outside, dressing up in ridiculous costumes is socially acceptable, you’re allowed to knock an anyone’s door to demand candy, and it’s popular to cut up an orange fruit to house a lit candle. Throughout the years I have celebrated this holiday in style. I’ve had some pretty awesome costumes over the years…

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Budgeting and saving is so important which is why I DIY. Since our big move, I have been forced to watch my spending more closely and it has actually proven to be very easy. I am a very calculated money spender in the first place. I only choose to spend my money on things that are very necessary. The problem is that everyone defines “necessary items” in different ways. I define them as bills and rent. After that I allot $50 each month for frivolous spending. But I prefer to spend $0! So when I had a curtain conundrum this weekend, rather than spend money on new ones. I shuffled around curtains I already had to save some money!

First of all, this stroke of genius was fueled by a car full of free stuff. A family friend, Karen, decided to clean out unwanted things at her house and she gave it all to me. Check out my loot.

Want to see how my switcheroo took place?

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