DIY Lamp Re-Haul

It’s happened again, my restlessness to leave things be has encouraged me to re-haul another one of my past projects. Specifically, my DIY Mosaic Lamp. After its makeover last year I wasn’t very convinced that using resin was the best option for the lamp. However, I decided to live with it for a while before deciding to completely ditch the new design. Well, I lived with it for about 6 months, moved it from room to room (it even lived in the basement for a bit), and now, a year and a half later, I decided it was finally time to fix it.

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Cross Stitched State of Missouri

I have spent my entire life living in one state — Missouri. Nineteen years on one side and six years on the other. I dream about living all over this planet but Missouri will always be my home. So when I was choosing a subject for my most recent art project, I couldn’t help but choose my home state.


Keep reading to see how I created my new favorite piece of art!

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DIY Colorful Bunting


Cute but not weather proof….

Last year, I made colorful bunting out of scrapbook paper to brighten my front porch and backyard. Unbeknownst to me at the time, laminated scrapbook paper was a dumb choice for my project because water seeped between the lamination and slowly ruined my bunting. So, defeated, I took it all down before winter last year knowing that I would come up with something even better to replace it. Sure enough a few months later while cleaning out craft supplies I was struck with a great idea for my fabric scraps. As a fabric shopaholic I am often left with fabric scraps too small for a whole project but too big to decidedly throw away. Case in point:

IMG_8728With this mismatched bunch of scraps I knew I could create some colorful, fun bunting to decorate my house for summer. Read on to see how I transformed my useless fabric scraps into something beautiful!

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Anyone Can Be a Superhero: DIY Superhero Capes

Last week, I made and mended children’s superhero capes for a family friend. Her sons wore them everywhere as kids, one of them even suffered through a bike accident, and she requested that I make her several new capes to give as gifts. These make fantastic gifts for a two or three year old. Their imagination’s are just beginning to develop making for some excellent playtime. When I was a kid, I used anything, sheets, pillowcases, or blankets, tied around my neck to become a superhero. My inspiration came from these two well-loved capes.


Want to learn how to make a superhero cape?

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Colorful Pillows

The last project to complete my newly decorated office was to make new colorful pillows for the twin bed. Using the rest of the fabric from my other projects I made 5 bold, colorful pillows that seriously make me smile every time I look into the room.


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DIY Valance Curtains

An integral step in redecorating my new office is window treatments. If you remember, last week I re-upholstered my desk chair with a grey and white striped fabric that I bought for 20% off in a remnant pile. Knowing that I didn’t want to make full curtains, I was inspired by YoungHouseLove’s posts about making valance curtains here and here to make my own valance curtains in under an hour.


Check out what I made.

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Pops of Fabric

The color scheme that I had in mind when I first envisioned my office featured bright, solid colors with a white trim. So, yesterday I revealed that I had painted a desk chair, six frames, and two candlesticks. Today, to accent the crisp, white frames and chair I painted, I decided to find brightly covered fabric to use as art, a bulletin board, and a re-upholstered chair. Two trips to Hobby Lobby and the FM Store later, I had five (I already owned three) new fabric swatches for only 25 smackeroos.


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My Quirky Kitten

It has been 17 years since I have had a kitten. I had forgotten, or, rather, I didn’t remember how quirky, noisy, demanding, playful, cuddly, and amazing these tiny creatures could be. Butters days are filled with galloping around the house pouncing on dust particles, falling asleep wherever she happens to land, and an intense desire to be fed every 12 hours on the dot. The introduction of pesky fleas to our lives a couple of weeks ago forced me to throw out her beloved Kitty bed which she stole away from Japhy. She was very upset because she loved it so much.

So this week I decided to make her something new to cuddle on. Read on to see what I made using things I had on hand.

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DIY Fabric Covered Lampshade

I hate overhead lighting. For some reason it gives me headaches. During our big move I left behind a couple of old lamps and now I’m very much regretting it. We only have 4 lamps. One in the living room, one in the office, and two in the bedroom. So I have been in search of new lighting solutions. I attempted to hang large bulb string lights in hopes that my living room would look like a beautiful parisian cafe. Well it turned out looking trashy and they started falling down after the first day. So I decided to search for a cute little lamp. Well, today I found the perfect one at Walmart on sale for $5 and I snatched it right up!

I really liked the tripod style. But I didn’t like the plain lampshade. So I decided to jazz it up! As with all projects I can’t do anything without the help of tiny friends.

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