Keeping On Track

We moved 2 weeks ago and I am still on the job hunt. I didn’t expect it to be easy to find a new career but I hoped it wouldn’t be difficult. As is my attitude with everything I have maintained a spirit of optimism by developing several goals to keep myself focused.

My life runs so much more smoothly when I have a developed schedule so, rather than waste this “vacation” of sorts, I left little time to be bored. This morning when I jumped out of bed I started at the top of the list! Exercise!

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A few months ago my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000 and I have FINALLY developed some of the film. He gave it to me with black and white film already loaded so I started practicing hoping that the film was still good. Unfortunately, the film came back blank. Luckily I took photos alongside with my digital camera as I have been attempting to master the old camera. However I was surprised with a lovely set of photos from my trip to the cabin.


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Biking the Katy Trail

We packed up the car the night before. We barely slept in anticipation. We rose at 7 and left by 7:45.

We hit our destination, Rocheport, Missouri, at 9:45 ready to go. Rocheport is one of those tiny, population 259, historic, antique towns.

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