DIY Lamp Re-Haul

It’s happened again, my restlessness to leave things be has encouraged me to re-haul another one of my past projects. Specifically, my DIY Mosaic Lamp. After its makeover last year I wasn’t very convinced that using resin was the best option for the lamp. However, I decided to live with it for a while before deciding to completely ditch the new design. Well, I lived with it for about 6 months, moved it from room to room (it even lived in the basement for a bit), and now, a year and a half later, I decided it was finally time to fix it.

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How to Tile the Top of a Small Dresser

Alright, I know. I seriously have an obsession with tiling furniture. But I just love it too much! Beautiful tile beats a new paint job any day in my book (depending on the piece of furniture, of course).


So, when a family friend recently gave me this adorable blank slate of a dresser, the wheels began turning. Should I… paint it, tile it, wallpaper it, stencil it, remove the doors? Maybe I could leave it at is? Nah, I don’t have that much self control when there’s a plain, white piece of furniture in my house. With so many ideas in my head, I needed to ponder this one for a few days. Rather than jump in feet first, I decided to live with it for a few weeks. Fortunately, I knew exactly where it belonged in our house. So I plopped it down in the entryway to begin its new life as our place to leave keys, mail, work schedules, etc.

IMG_9547 IMG_9548 IMG_9558

It didn’t take me long to accept my first instinct to dress up the top of the dresser. Tiling it was! So I grabbed my tile and grout and got to work!

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DIY Mosaic Table

I am so excited about the project that I’m sharing today! I am still job-less except for temporary positions here and there so I am pinching my pennies anywhere that I can. This means I’m only shelling out my precious clams for things that I definitely need such as paying rent for my home, a couple of bills, and groceries. Therefore, I have been spending my days creating free fun! Going on walks around the neighborhood with the pup, checking out books from the very close nearby library, digging out gift cards to use for any purchases, and, most importantly, crafting only with things that I already have on hand. So get ready┬ábecause this awesome project was completely free!

Want to see where this project started and how it turned out?

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Custom Serving Tray – Part 2

If you didn’t tune in on Monday, I am in the midst of making a custom serving tray! Check out Custom Serving Tray – Part 1 to catch up where I left off.

I completed the frame and moved on to the pretty part – the glass tiles! I love cool colors and I love shopping on a budget so I checked out the clearance tiles at Home Depot and found this beautiful tile on sale.

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