A Simple Fix

A couple of months ago my Dad gave me his old camera equipment. A Pentax K1000, a Kiev 88, a light meter, filters, flash, extra lenses…. The one thing that wasn’t in his old camera bag? A camera strap. I didn’t really think it an issue until I realized that I am an active photographer. Most of my pictures are taken of moving objects while moving. I considered making a pretty one for fun but decided that I needed something sturdy rather than pretty. So I found a plain ‘ole strap on sale at Walmart last week – $4! The problem? It’s too thick for the tiny holes on the camera.

So I improvised.

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My “New” Cameras

Hello all!

I visited my family this past weekend and borrowed my Dad’s old cameras. He was/is a great photographer. I remember him being behind this camera all the time when I was a little kid.

I am really interested in photography but don’t know all about it yet. Last weekend he taught me all about aperture, focus, lighting, shutter speed, ISO…..

I need a good photography book. I know that I could probably look it all up online but I’d rather thumb through a book. I love books.

The big guy on the right is a Kiev 88 made in Ukraine. I am definitely not ready to brave him yet.

The Pentax K1000 is calling my name though. I’m off to learn more!