DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier (Project Re-Do)

So I messed this one up guys. It’s taken me a year to admit but it happened. I made a DIY blunder. One of those it-seemed-like-a-really-good-idea-in-my-head kinda things.  Allow me to elaborate….


A few years ago, a friend gave me some craft supplies that she knew I’d love. With those supplies — tiles, an old colander, paint, embroidery thread — I created some of my absolute favorite pieces in my home, my mosaic tableresin mosaic lampembroidered art, and diy chandelier to name a few. The latter is the flub that received a new makeover most recently. From very ugly DIY Chandelier to DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier!


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This Week’s Menu

Saving money is always at the very top of my list of “Must Do’s.” I’m sure everyone has a place in their budget where they could be saving more and spending wiser. Mine has got to be food. It is so easy to come home after a day of work, bury my head in a project and forget about dinner only to end up spending way too much eating out instead. While it’s often delicious, it’s expensive and typically unhealthy. So rather than accept this fate, I decided to force my self to change it. And what better way than with a DIY project? It all started with a small bulletin board that I got 7 years ago for college.


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Oh, The Thinks You Can Think

Earlier this year I decided to spoil myself with a new toy. I am definitely not fueled by electronics but I’m very fascinated with them so I looked at the new iPods, new cameras, and more but I was mostly interested in an e-reader. I wasn’t quite so sure about e-readers because I love holding a book in my hands and I’m an obsessive book buyer but I decided to try it out.

Well after owning one for 3 months I can definitely say that I love it! I am one of those people that always carries one (or four) books with me everywhere. And let me tell you how many times it has come in handy when I have been stuck at a doctor’s office or had downtime at work or simply extra time to kill. Now I can easily carry several books around!

I am obsessed to no end with keeping my electronics in good shape too. (My computer has one scratch on top that drives me bonkers.) So right after I bought my Kindle I had to find a good case. I wanted one with character so I turned to Etsy and found this cover that I love.

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