2013 Printable Wall Calendar


A new year means a new calendar! I never find a themed calendar that I enjoy so I typically don’t have one in my house. But I think being aware of each day’s date is important so for the first time I decided to design my own calendar!

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“Daily Life” Page

Check out the new “Daily Life” page above to see a roundup of all posts about Japhy, Butters, hiking, cooking, etc. It’s a great place to check out the behind the scenes here at DownShannonLane.

As you can see, Butters and Japhy are simply ecstatic about the new page.

Cheers to Six Years

David and I celebrated our sixth anniversary yesterday! Sheesh, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. We met each other on the 3rd day of college and started dating a week later. Through thick and thin, he has been the best decision I have made in my life thus far. It just seems like yesterday that we were bright-eyed, ambitious 18 year olds ready to start college.

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Finally Done!

Don’t worry folks… I am still here!! After traveling 2,500 miles (that’s back and forth between houses 5 times!) over one week we have officially finished moving and unpacking. However, I am nothing if not s perfectionist so I’m still arranging, organizing, decorating, and perfecting everything to suit our needs and lifestyle.

In the meantime I am super excited to show off a new piece of furniture, a Baker’s Rack, that my mom snagged for us for $30!

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Reason #8 Why I Actually Like Moving

The blank slate. This house is simply dying to be decorated. Or am I the one that is simply dying to decorate? Too bad most of my furniture is still 4 hours away….

We’re moving!!!

Goodbye Shannon Lane!

After a 4 hour car ride with a noisy cat we have arrived!!! Luckily after 3 hours she settled in for a nap.

Come back next week for a tour of the new house!

Why I Actually Like Moving: Reason #14

Random meals from the fridge are the best. What could be better than peach alcohol, waffles, and an apple?! I am ONLY buying milk, bread, and juice until we move. Bring on the random meals! It is going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

Taking Care of “House Hunting”

I am OBSESSED with making lists, as evidenced here and here. So the last couple of weeks as I was house hunting my house became littered with lists upon lists.  This will be my sixth move in six years so I have learned all about searching for a nice place, important questions to ask a property manager, things to look for in a lease, etc. May I add that I have been house hunting in a city nearly 10 times the size of my home for the last 6 years. Did I also mention that town is about 300 miles away! Organization was key for the search since I didn’t have the luxury of scouting out a location and seeing houses quickly. So I compiled a list to help remember my requirements, specs, preferences, etc. It was soooooo helpful to be easily reminded of what I was looking for. Here is my advice from the experience:

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Down Stanford Street?!

It’s official!!! DownShannonLane will soon, aka in 3 weeks, be operating down Stanford Street 300 miles away instead. However, due to the fact that my name will remain Shannon a blog name change is not in order. More details to come soon!

Isn’t the new place sooooooooo cute?!

9 Keys to Job Searching

It has been a long week of burying myself in a huge pile of applications. The bad job market is not just a topic for the news, it’s my reality. I’m convinced that there are too many “right brain” creative people in this world because those jobs are impossible to find whereas “left brain” scientific jobs are plentiful. If only I understood biology!

On top of the job hunt I am also solving the, “Where am I going to live?” crisis. “The world is your oyster” saying has taken on a whole new meaning. I envy those who have been able to find a full-time salary job, that they’re actually interested in, straight out of school. Then from that, they get to live in a super cool place. I’m still living in my college town and its job market is definitely not cutting it. So, to reiterate, “The world is my oyster.” Well, at least, the continental United States. I couldn’t imagine searching for a house and job worldwide.

Luckily, I’ve had two little buddies to aid in my job search frustration by providing an adorable distraction.

Back to the point….. Finding a good job with a decent salary in a cool place with a perfect house is just not playing out for me yet. Journalism is not an easy career path right now. So I have had to deviate a little a lot from my desired jobs. Journalism turns into event planning which gets me thinking about public relations which reminds me of being a communication director and that leads me to consider human resources or a secretary which slowly turns into, “Hey, I guess I could work at a grocery store. That could maybe lead to what I want to do….” So in the interest of not working at a grocery store for the rest of my life I have compiled some tips for job hunting….

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