Happiness Has Arrived – MyPublisher Photo Book

When I was in high school, I had a weekend job scrapbooking for a family friend. She bought all the pretty, fancy supplies so we could remake her three kids childhood scrapbooks. So I spent my summers matching colors, learn how to design and lay things out with my hands, and learning life lessons. What seemed like a small job finally stifled after almost 70 books and a couple of summers. Scrapbooking is fun but it takes a looooonnnggg time. I haven’t finished a personal scrapbook since junior high school ten years ago. And I have taken thousands of pictures since then so recently, I decided to find an affordable, pretty way to print my pictures. Through one of my favorite blogs, Under The Sycamore, I discovered MyPublisher. I designed my book. And now… my it’s here!

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“Taking Care” of House Plants

I love, love, love having plants around the house. They brighten up the shelves, improve air quality, and they offer health and wellness benefits. During the move we lost a couple of our house plants so when decorating this week I grabbed some new plants to distribute around the house. My favorites? Succulents!

Want to see what I did with these? Read on!

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Finally Done!

Don’t worry folks… I am still here!! After traveling 2,500 miles (that’s back and forth between houses 5 times!) over one week we have officially finished moving and unpacking. However, I am nothing if not s perfectionist so I’m still arranging, organizing, decorating, and perfecting everything to suit our needs and lifestyle.

In the meantime I am super excited to show off a new piece of furniture, a Baker’s Rack, that my mom snagged for us for $30!

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Reason #8 Why I Actually Like Moving

The blank slate. This house is simply dying to be decorated. Or am I the one that is simply dying to decorate? Too bad most of my furniture is still 4 hours away….

We’re moving!!!

Goodbye Shannon Lane!

After a 4 hour car ride with a noisy cat we have arrived!!! Luckily after 3 hours she settled in for a nap.

Come back next week for a tour of the new house!

Down Stanford Street?!

It’s official!!! DownShannonLane will soon, aka in 3 weeks, be operating down Stanford Street 300 miles away instead. However, due to the fact that my name will remain Shannon a blog name change is not in order. More details to come soon!

Isn’t the new place sooooooooo cute?!



Your search yields no results.


I am in the process of searching for many things: a new home, a new job, new projects, new things to focus on, new hobbies. Inspiration and writing are on the back burner this week. Tune in soon for more details on all of these things. The next month will be very exciting.

In the meantime I will leave you with this picture of two best buddies who are garnering as much of my attention as possible.