DIY Chandelier

A couple of months ago my college friend forced herself to purge her craft supplies before graduating and moving. Lucky for me she purged them at my house!

Thanks Claire!

She had plans for a couple of these items that had never come to fruition so I quickly adopted them as my own goals. The strainer, she picked up at a thrift store with the plan to make a chandelier with the next photo as an inspiration.

Want to see what her inspiration turned into?

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My Outdoor Room

Our new house may be small but the yard is huge. The whole lot is .25 acres. That is a lot of fun space that we did not have before. So I have been racking my brains on how to personalize the yard a little bit. I was thinking lanterns, hammock, fire pit, table, colorful bunting, flowers…the works! The problem? This house is a rental and I so did not budget for a wonderful backyard. A girl can dream though.

Want to see what I settled on for the first step of my makeover?

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