The Race to my First DSLR Camera


Not surprisingly, my interest in photography has turned from mild to obsessed! Last May, when my dad gave me his old Pentax K1000, I couldn’t wait to learn all about photography. I immediately began researching how to use the old film camera including all the technical terms, the number’s, and the art of taking a decent photo. Now, several rolls of “practice” film later, my piqued interest has turned into love.

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Family Photobook

For Christmas this year, I decided to give everyone sentimental gifts. Earlier this year I wrote a post about preserving family photos digitally. Well I was working on that project not only because it’s important to preserve family photos and genealogy but because I was designing a photobook to give to my family members for Christmas. I completed the project using MyPublisher because I recently ordered a book from them and I absolutely love how beautiful their books are and the sales that they offer making them very affordable for a fantastic product. IMG_8110 IMG_8114Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote MyPublisher. I simply love their product! Continue reading

I’m A Film Camera Nerd

I am obsessed with taking photos with my Pop’s old Pentax K1000. Recently I developed some film from Fourth of July through the big move. I love the anticipation of seeing these photos once they’re developed and this bunch of photos did not disappoint. It managed to capture some fairly awesome moments.

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How To Organize Your Photos Digitally

When I was asked to scan old family slides for a family friend recently, it got me thinking about how I have preserved my family photos. My mom did a great job of organizing and preserving photos from throughout my childhood in scrapbooks. She did the same for her parents photos which is exactly what I was hoping for when I set out on this project.

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