Decorating on a Budget

The first thing on my mind when considering a potential project is the budget. How much money should reasonably be spent on this project? How much am I willing to spend? Is this project really necessary? Is there a cheaper way? Admittedly, I have been obsessed with saving money my entire life. When I was a kid, my dad and step-mom gave all the kids $100 to spend at the mall for Christmas. Their only rule was that we had to spend all the money that day. Such an easy gift that every kid loves right? Nope, I agonized over my purchases and fought with them in an effort to get away with saving the money. I was worried that I would purchase one thing only to find something better. (I always spent it all on candy in the end anyways. Being a kid is awesome.) Now, a decade later, I still have the same problem — spend or save?. As I decorate my first home on a shoestring budget, I prefer to stick with simplicity for my decor. Using books and special trinkets that I’ve collected throughout my entire life, I’ve styled my bookshelves with pieces that make me feel comfortable. I would categorize my style as eclectic.


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Frosted Hyacinths

Wednesday was the official first day of spring, but to me, and I’m sure many of you, it seemed like the middle of winter. Here’s why.


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DIY Compost Bin

I love almost everything about our new house. It has more charm than the last house. I like the layout more. I love the hardwood floors. The yard is fantastic. But I miss having a garage, a dishwasher, and, oddly the most important, a garbage disposal. I make a lot of meals with vegetables meaning there’s always scraps. So I used to throw things in the field behind our old house or put it down the garbage disposal. Well, simply throwing the old food in our backyard is not an option unless I want to attract lots of animals. So I needed a new plan. I recently pulled all the weeds in the front of my house and I’m going to plant some bulbs soon. Well I would love to have some nutrient-rich soil, made for free in my own backyard to use in my garden. So I decided to make a compost bin!

Want to see how I made my compost bin?

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Amping up the Curb Appeal

We have officially lived in the new house for a month now!! Whew, how time flies! It didn’t take me very long to settle in and decorate on the inside of the house and I also did a little bit of decorating on the outside. But because of the drought we hadn’t worried about the yard. No mowing, no weeding, no planting, no watering. That is until last week’s rain rolled through Missouri dumping lots of rain and turning the flower bed in front of our bay window into a yucky, weedy mess!

Want to see what I did about it?

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“Taking Care” of House Plants

I love, love, love having plants around the house. They brighten up the shelves, improve air quality, and they offer health and wellness benefits. During the move we lost a couple of our house plants so when decorating this week I grabbed some new plants to distribute around the house. My favorites? Succulents!

Want to see what I did with these? Read on!

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“Taking Care” of the House – Week 4

I am a day late with this week’s installment in my “Taking Care Series.” I had a crazy work week so I barely noticed when Friday finally arrived. I had a bunch of budding ideas but I simply could not choose a favorite until I read one of my favorite blogs, Dream Green DIY, to find that she had the exact same idea: rearranging!

After several rearranging mishaps in college, namely dropping a bunk bed on my roommate’s head freshman year, I learned that it is important to have a plan, and strong friends, before moving things around. In college, this meant 1) measuring everything, 2) cutting out furniture shapes, 3) drawing up the plans, and 4) rearranging the paper shapes. Trust me, that takes lots of time. So a few years ago, I found this Room Planner website by Icovia that makes it super easy to come up with a design. If I could fancy up the designs this would feel exactly like Hidden Potential on HGTV.

Current Living Room Floor Plan

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Spring Wreath

So I just took down the last of my Christmas decorations this week. That’s pretty bad. The lights were on my porch railing for 4 months. I took down the garland last month but the festive lights decided to hang around. April starts Sunday so I officially decided enough was enough.

The good new is……

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming! Grass is growing! Because of all this a Spring wreath for my front door was in order. When I was home last week I mentioned this to my mom on a whim and she whisked me to the flower shop where she works to find me one. I looked at all their beautiful wreaths but couldn’t find the perfect one.

So she custom-made me one. When you can’t find exactly what you want you should make it! I picked out a nice plain one for her to embellish.

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