DIY Lamp Re-Haul

It’s happened again, my restlessness to leave things be has encouraged me to re-haul another one of my past projects. Specifically, my DIY Mosaic Lamp. After its makeover last year I wasn’t very convinced that using resin was the best option for the lamp. However, I decided to live with it for a while before deciding to completely ditch the new design. Well, I lived with it for about 6 months, moved it from room to room (it even lived in the basement for a bit), and now, a year and a half later, I decided it was finally time to fix it.

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DIY Painted Doormat

It’s official! We have lived in our house for a year! In that time, so much has changed. I planted a garden, handcrafted a chandelier, organized the recycling, tiled a side table, began composting, redecorated my home office, trained my cat, and much more! Our first week in town, I picked up a simple rug to adorn my front porch. However, after a year, its cute pattern has faded, wiped away by happy paws and feet ready to step into the warmth of home. 
IMG_9631To breathe new life this piece, I grabbed 3 cans of spray paint for only $10, which is much cheaper than a new rug. Keep reading to see how I painted my doormat.

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Anyone Can Be a Superhero: DIY Superhero Capes

Last week, I made and mended children’s superhero capes for a family friend. Her sons wore them everywhere as kids, one of them even suffered through a bike accident, and she requested that I make her several new capes to give as gifts. These make fantastic gifts for a two or three year old. Their imagination’s are just beginning to develop making for some excellent playtime. When I was a kid, I used anything, sheets, pillowcases, or blankets, tied around my neck to become a superhero. My inspiration came from these two well-loved capes.


Want to learn how to make a superhero cape?

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Handmade Christmas Stockings

My favorite part about Christmas is the tradition surrounding the holiday. It’s about family, eating good food, finding the perfect gift for the people close to you, receiving thoughtful gifts, Christmas cards, watching Christmas Vacation, going to my grandparent’s on Christmas Eve, and much more. With all the commercialization surrounding the holidays, sometimes it’s hard to remember these traditions.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the hanging of stockings on the mantel. The tradition of Christmas stockings came about a very, very long ago surrounding the charity of Nikolaos the Wonderworker otherwise known as Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus. Children would hang their socks from the mantel and eagerly wait for Saint Nicholas to fill them with candy, toys, or gold. In my family, we have knitted stockings made by my grandmother. So, when I decided to update David and my lame stockings I knew it had to be with handmade stockings that are personal to both us.


Read on to see how my handmade stockings turned out…

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