My New Shirt

My new shirt turned out awesome! It’s a bit more chestnut than I thought it would be. I have never used such a dark color before. It will fade after several washes though so I will enjoy the dark color while I can.

Such a simple project that yields great results.

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My style is plain. I don’t like embellishments. I don’t like graphics. I don’t like logos. I do like fun colors, accessories, jackets, and saving money. So I dye my own t-shirts. I buy 5 packs of plain ‘ole white men’s t-shirts and Rit Dye then go to town making the perfect t-shirt.

The great thing about dye is that the instructions are included giving you several different methods. I typically choose to dye in the washing machine because I like to throw in other items to dye (old towels that need a fresh new life, a shirt for the boyfriend, an old bleached rug, etc).

Today I just wanted to dye one shirt so I went with the stove method. It uses less water and it’s just as easy. However, it takes out the element of surprise. I love opening the washer to find my awesome new piece. Will the color saturate the piece? Will it be dark or light? Will it turn out splotchy?

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