Falling Into Fall

I love fall weather. Lots of rain storms, breezy days, lovely temperatures, cool nights, leaves changing… it’s beautiful.

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Flea Free Since….

After 8 days of annoyance, I am happy to FINALLY announce that we are flea free!!!!

Okay, she doesn’t look that happy but trust me, she is. Japhy managed to terminate all his fleas last week but Butters had quite a few issues. Lots of baths and cuddle sessions have allowed this house to enter flea free status!

So I apologize for the short hiatus, I started a new job this week and it’s playoff season so that’s means round the clock Yankees baseball in our household! Regular posting will resume next week.

Family Love

Family is the best medicine. Their love is eternal, their support is unfailing, embarrassing moments are nonexistent, their silence is comforting not awkward, plus about 10 million other reasons. I don’t get to see mine very often so I soak it all up when I do.

I am currently on vacation visiting my entire family. I’m the only one who has moved away from home so it takes one awesome stop to visit every single one of them. The last few days have been filled with conversation, Lego building sessions, giggling, kitty cuddling, happy faces, memorable stories, and, most of all, happiness, particularly when running like wild people through a field.

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“Taking Care” of the Body

I have never enjoyed running. I don’t understand the “runner’s high.” All I can think about when running is making it stop asap. But in an effort to keep in shape and exercise my dog I have started running.¬†

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Busy Busy Busy

I am so so so sorry for the lack of posts last week. I had so many awesome things planned, I had pictures taken, but I had small amounts of computer time…. Our internet is slow slow slow…… So, when I have a teeny amount of time to write using the computer my fellow blogger boyfriend and I share, of course the internet goes haywire. Instead of worrying about it I jumped into all kinds of other activities…..

1. Running

2. Spending time outside

3. Visiting my favorite place in the world (my family cabin)

4. Grilling delicious food

5. Most importantly, spending time with friends

Check back for the full stories throughout the week!

Taking Care – Week 2

According to the surgeon general, lack of physical fitness is detrimental to health. It is recommended for adults to engage in about 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise such as walking, biking, or running.

I happen to agree with Mr. Surgeon General. (How do you get that job? What an awesome title! New career goal.) So I’ve been exercising at every free moment.

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The Best Day Ever – Memoirs from a Puppy

8-9 am РWake up. Biding my time before waking up David.

9:00 am – Jump on top of David’s head. It is time to go!

9:15 am – Is it breakfast time yet?

10 am – Nap until everyone’s up and ready to go. I can’t wait to go outside. I hope they take me outside. I want to run and run and run forever.

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