This Week’s Menu

Saving money is always at the very top of my list of “Must Do’s.” I’m sure everyone has a place in their budget where they could be saving more and spending wiser. Mine has got to be food. It is so easy to come home after a day of work, bury my head in a project and forget about dinner only to end up spending way too much eating out instead. While it’s often delicious, it’s expensive and typically unhealthy. So rather than accept this fate, I decided to force my self to change it. And what better way than with a DIY project? It all started with a small bulletin board that I got 7 years ago for college.


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Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Coat


I’ve always loved to find signature pieces of clothing that are made well and will last a long time, which is probably why until a couple of months ago nearly half of my closet was filled with clothes I purchased in high school. So, thanks to my mom and her love of Talbots shopping sprees, I recently started updating my wardrobe with adult pieces that would last a long time and I just added something new to my closet.

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My BirchBox!

Every Christmas my dad’s side of the family exchanges gifts secret santa style instead of giving everyone gifts, except it’s not a secret because we’re bad at keeping those. My step mom posits that it gives us all the advantage of thinking of that one person year-round. I love it because it takes the stress out of finding the perfect gift for everyone and gives me the chance to find the perfect gift for that one family member. So, this last Christmas my step sister and I pulled each other’s names and she definitely achieved the perfect gift for me! It combines snail mail, surprise, and fun girly products! Sounds great huh? It’s called a BirchBox.

IMG_8042Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote BirchBox. I simply think that it’s an awesome product!

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Casual Work Outfit

When I was hired at my new job my first question was about the dress code. My first day on the job I was given a couple of company t-shirts to wear to work but at least once a week I like to dress professionally. In an effort to not dress way fancier than the rest of the office, I like to throw on a cute sweater with a nice shirt, a colorful necklace, my black jeans, and my plaid converse shoes.


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When Inspiration Comes

Lately I have been hitting an idea wall. There are so many projects that I would love to work on but my indecisive brain is having issues in making a final decision. My biggest project? An office redo. My problem? Too many choices. My inspiration?

More on that later.

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DIY Fabric Covered Lampshade

I hate overhead lighting. For some reason it gives me headaches. During our big move I left behind a couple of old lamps and now I’m very much regretting it. We only have 4 lamps. One in the living room, one in the office, and two in the bedroom. So I have been in search of new lighting solutions. I attempted to hang large bulb string lights in hopes that my living room would look like a beautiful parisian cafe. Well it turned out looking trashy and they started falling down after the first day. So I decided to search for a cute little lamp. Well, today I found the perfect one at Walmart on sale for $5 and I snatched it right up!

I really liked the tripod style. But I didn’t like the plain lampshade. So I decided to jazz it up! As with all projects I can’t do anything without the help of tiny friends.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of my style philosophy. On my recent shopping trip I wanted to find to find several pieces of clothing that I could mix and match. A couple of months ago, I referenced some of my favorite magazine articles that I have compiled into a fun book so I was looking for a similar variety of items that would be interchangeable.

I love the way they use plain statement pieces to make so many versatile outfits. I have almost all of the different pieces to make these outfits and I can’t wait to get funky and bold to do this with what I have!

Want to see what I came up with today?

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Day 1

Fashion has never really been important to me. I wear what is comfortable and what looks nice on my body. I do care about looking nice but in the past this has only required nice jeans, plain ‘ole t-shirts, some cute dresses, and jackets. I am OBSESSED with comfy jackets over plain t-shirts that I dress up with a fun necklace or scarf. This fashion philosophy works amazingly for me. Because of my simple philosophy, I really haven’t updated my wardrobe much since high school. (Hence, my recent urge to clean all “teen” clothes out of my closet.) So earlier this week I went on a fun shopping trip with my mom and we managed to find some fun new adult pieces to add to my wardrobe!

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I have finally found a job since the move! Cue a happy puppy:

Okay, I actually found 3 part-time jobs and it was 2 weeks ago but I have been waiting to start them before writing about it. So, what am I doing? I’m working in an office writing content for a vacation website (Yay for finally using my degree!), I’m also personal assisting my “other mother” with random tasks and chores, and working as a receptionist at a vet. Now this is not necessarily what I thought I would be doing in this juncture of my life, but I am hoping that experience in multiple areas will diversify my resume so that I can find the job I want.

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Reason #1 Why I Actually Like Moving

My favorite part of moving is making a new house so perfectly “ME.” I’ll get back to that topic soon. First and foremost, each and every month I happily await the day my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine arrives. I am immediately enamored with the photos of gorgeous homes, wonderful gardens, and simple fashions. Not because I want to steal style ideas or model my house after others but because I am fascinated by others’ style and I love clean spaces. My favorite way to view the magazine is by tearing out the spreads I like to make my own book.

In each magazine I carefully tear out the spreads and put them in page protectors in this binder. I put it on my bookshelf so I can thumb through it without the ads whenever I want. Read on to see a couple of my favorite spreads.

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