Down Shannon Lane Style

Ridiculous weather changes have disrupted my style lately. It’s chilly outside when I wake up, it’s freezing in my office, and it’s super hot when I head home in the afternoon. So, I’m embracing the weather outside by wearing my new red cropped pants lots before it’s too cold. I’m dealing with the temperature inside by wearing comfy jackets and scarves.

Recently, I was browsing a couple of my favorite blogs and this outfit (to the right) caught my eye. I love the way that she paired a turquoise necklace with the black and white striped shirt, black cardigan, and red jeans. The turquoise is just a light touch of another coloring so it’s not too overpowering. In my outfit, the turquoise sunglasses are a terrible match but my favorite color is teal and I never know where to look when I’m taking these style photos. In the above photo, I was mostly avoiding the fact that a spider was about to crawl on my camera, which only made me think about how reading this will totally freak out my sister. After checking out the picture I decided that it was necessary to ditch one of the accessories. Yes, this outfit would be better suited for only one accessory. So scarf or sunglasses?

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