Time to Thaw

Today was the first nice day in months so we decided to take advantage of it. I snapped these on a walk at the Sequiota Park in Springfield, Missouri.

IMG_8645 IMG_8655

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Winter Weather

For the past six years, I have wintered in a perpetual state of snow.


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Down Shannon Lane Style: Terrific Lady Day Style

Check out this post for info about “Terrific Lady Day.”

The weather was very grey. You know grey sky, grey clouds, grey light, grey roads, everything grey. But the temperature was warm despite the snow that had recently fallen. The perfect day to relax, read a book, and take a nap…


…followed by an afternoon of pottery painting…


and an evening spent over dinner at my favorite restaurant. Now, my only conundrum was finding an outfit suited for all three activities.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Warm Winter Day Outfit


It was perfect sweater and scarf weather last weekend and I couldn’t wait to soak it up with my best pal. The temperature was in the mid 50’s and the wind was January gusty but despite all of that the sun was shining so I put together an outfit that would keep me warm enough to spend the whole day outside but light enough to keep me cool in the warm sun. This meant a maroon silk shirt, a tan sweater, a beautiful silk scarf, and comfy walking shoes for a perfect afternoon out.

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Goodbye Fall

Last Saturday, autumn spat out one more glorious day as it hung onto the last vestiges of the season. Nearly everyone in our neck of the woods took the opportunity to spend their last full day outside without having to wear a puffy coat. Unfortunately, on Sunday, mother nature ushered in low temperatures and rain-filled clouds. Winter, we begrudgingly welcome you as we say goodbye to days spent bare foot, barbecues, and more than 12 hours of sunshine in a day. In order to properly say goodbye, we gladly joined the masses by spending the day outdoors. First up, raking…

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Falling Into Fall

I love fall weather. Lots of rain storms, breezy days, lovely temperatures, cool nights, leaves changing… it’s beautiful.

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DIY Chalkboard Pitcher & Summer Brew

Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days that is going extremely well and falls apart fast. I was having fun working, getting things done, then in 5 minutes it was ruined. Well not completely ruined but there was a significant bump in the day. So after the long day I came home to relax and have a nice, cooling summer drink: Summer Brew!

Want to learn how to make this delicious drink and the beautiful pitcher that it is in?

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“Taking Care” of the Animals

In our house, if the animals are happy so are we! So for this week’s edition of “Taking Care,” we’re talking about my pets!

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Jumping In

After spending Day 1 at the cabin out of the water because of cold weather we could not wait to swim when it was warm out. Seriously Missouri? What is with this weird May/June weather?

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Weekend in the City

I am fascinated by big cities. I grew up on 60 acres of land outside a relatively big city. Said city has plenty of tourist spots, nice stores, beautiful parks, etc. But that city does not have skyscrapers.

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