DSL Style 01.16.13


Last Friday in my neck of the woods was beautiful, warm and 66 degress so I took advantage of the beautiful weather and threw on this cute outfit for a January walk. A couple of weeks ago, I paired this cardigan with a silk blue shirt and black jeans to create a casual work outfit. Its beautiful ivory color with lace embellishments perfectly dresses up any outfit. I actually wore this ensemble to work the other day and it was perfect. The office tends fluctuate in temperature so I light shirt paired with a warm cardigan powers through cold mornings and warn afternoons.

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Down Shannon Lane Style: Casual Work Outfit

When I was hired at my new job my first question was about the dress code. My first day on the job I was given a couple of company t-shirts to wear to work but at least once a week I like to dress professionally. In an effort to not dress way fancier than the rest of the office, I like to throw on a cute sweater with a nice shirt, a colorful necklace, my black jeans, and my plaid converse shoes.


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Happy New Year!

I hope that you’re making good memories wherever you are! Happy New Year. As usual, I most likely managed to embarrass myself immensely tonight. Love, Shannon

New Year's

Reflection Results

At 24, I would say that my life is peppered with wonderful unpredictability. My career is budding, I rent my home so that relocation is always a possibility, I prefer to make decisions on a whim, and I am happy. Currently, the only stresses in my life are related to the disorganized state of my house at the end of each day, the weekend forecast, or tomorrow’s tentative schedule forming in my head. I make enough money to support my “tiny” family and myself, I rent an adorable house filled with character, and, most importantly, I am extremely happy with the people (and four-legged) creatures in my life.

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Amping up the Curb Appeal

We have officially lived in the new house for a month now!! Whew, how time flies! It didn’t take me very long to settle in and decorate on the inside of the house and I also did a little bit of decorating on the outside. But because of the drought we hadn’t worried about the yard. No mowing, no weeding, no planting, no watering. That is until last week’s rain rolled through Missouri dumping lots of rain and turning the flower bed in front of our bay window into a yucky, weedy mess!

Want to see what I did about it?

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